Our time here is almost over…

The eclectic Juarez Park was only a few minutes from our apartment.  En route to town, we often cut thru the park and enjoyed watching the basketball games, children playing, teenagers capturing a romantic moment and the lush plantings and sculptures.


FullSizeRender 57 (1).jpg

FullSizeRender 2 (2)


At the weekend, artists displayed their art on these benches.


And it was also the perfect place to walk the family pet. Obviously the owner of this poor dog had hoped for something a little more “exotic”!!

The rooftop lounge of the Rosewood Hotel provided the best panoramas of the city.



DSC_0138 (1)


And it was a great place to view the frequent firework displays!


The open-air Market, Ignacio Ramirez Mercado, is several blocks long, running downhill, across several streets.  One can buy pewter, jewelry, painted and beaded art.  Clothes, fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.



Several times we joined a Bible Study group at this Anglican Church.  Looking at the picture, one would think it was somewhere in rural England!FullSizeRender 116

The members of the group were so warm and welcoming.  We felt truly blessed by studying with them.

The church of The Oratio of San Felipe Nori dates back to 1712




Looking up at the dome and chandelier.


The doors are always open for worshipers.


The beautiful square in front of the church.

As the Cubans have kept their old 50s sedans going, Mexicans still run these old VW beetles!  This was one of the more funky ones!


As anywhere else in the world, graffiti can be a problem. They try to deter the practice by engaging the youth in creating artistic murals.


I had to smile when I came across bamboo and cacti with engravings; their equivalent to scratching their message on a tree trunk?

DSC_0052 (1)

Excuse me?  What did you say?

DSC_0079 (1)

A tortilla vendor.


Selling hand churned ice-cream, and getting ready to load his burro!

November 20 is Revolution Day, and, like the 4th of July in the US is celebrated with all kinds of parades.


One of our favorite restaurants, La Casa del Diesmo,  which had a beautiful courtyard.

One morning we came across the shooting of a commercial (the model is crossing the street with a briefcase!). FullSizeRender 41

Preparations for a wedding at Instituto de Allende

FullSizeRender 6

Jouko fit in perfectly with his surroundings!  One of the many fountains in the city


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