Miami – Everglades

If you are looking for a “thrill ride”,  we can thoroughly recommend River of Grass Adventure Tours.  Their air-boat ride took us out on a 1 1/2 hr ride over the water, down the canals and thru the reeds.  40 mph on an air-boat is exhilarating, but when it is cranked up to 60 mph – it almost takes your breath away!


Jouko took this great little video on his phone.


Our guide, a retired zoo  keeper, was well informed and obviously loved the Everglades and it’s varied wildlife. He had names for many of the alligators!


This one, about 25 yrs old, was called “Scarface” since he had survived several assaults by poachers.  But look!  He’s smiling at us!

This Mom had given birth to quite a few babies, but due to her inexperience as a new Mom, she had not chosen a safe island on which to build her nest (a 9 week old survivor in the top right hand photo).  Our guide assured us that next time she would probably choose more wisely.  In the bottom right  photo, she returns to check on them!


We drank in the stillness and stark beauty of the area.

Farmers are using the fresh water from the Everglades.  The greater Miami area is going to vote on whether they want to preserve the Park as it is, or if the more dire need of the area is the fresh water found there!  Once again, I was reminded how fragile our world is!


As we headed back, there were still a couple of gators that wanted to say “hi”!




When we were looking at the tour, I wanted to take a “sunset tour”, but it would have cost an extra $100.  Fortunately we got a late start (we had to wait on a couple), so it turned into a Sunset Tour!



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